Piglet Press

Proprietor: Mark J. Sandham

eMail : Mark.Sandham $ wits.ac.za

Web site: coming soon

Established: before 1997

Flicker gallery:  perhaps later

Presses: Adana 8×5, Vandercook Universal III


A convict Sorting type  from the Vandercook Centenary Print bundle has been exhibited at the following venues.

  • November 2009, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA – University of Alabama Exhibited
  • November 2009, Los Angeles, CA, USA - Otis Laboratory Press placed a selection on display in their lobby
  • January 2010, Farmville, VA, USA – Longwood University Exhibited
  • March 2010, Evanston, IL, USA Evanston Print & Paper has put their copy of the print bundle on display
  • March 2010, Mobile, AL, USA – University of South Alabama Exhibited
  • April 2010, Quinch, AL, USA – Quinch Public Library Exhibited
  • July 2010, Johannesburg, South African – Wits University had the Vandercook Print Bundle Exhibition
  • August 2010, Portland, OR, USA – em space Exhibited

2011 – South African exhibition of the “Inspired by Japan” Fundraiser print bundle. Details to follow, Opening 17 September.


2009 – Participant in Vandercook Centenary Print bundle

2010 – Printed the Exhibition Keepsake that was typeset by Kalle Pihlajasaari for the South African Vandercook Print Bundle Exhibition.

2010 – Organised Vandercook Print Bundle Exhibition

2011 – Participant (Printer) in the Baren Forum “Inspired by Japan” Fundraiser with Masako Osada (artist) and Kalle Pihlajasaari (block maker) with Love and Hope for Japan from South Africa  NOT ONLINE YET

Also printed personal business cards, greeting cards and bookmarks


Self published a number of private book editions, some hand bound and some printed by hand

Sandham, M. (Comp.). (1997). Alan Sandham’s Cookery Collection: A bibliography. Johannesburg: Piglet Press.
A bibliography of the late Alan Sandham’s cookery book collection compiled with illustrations. The edition was limited to 50 copies bound by hand in book cloth with illustration on front cover (70 pages, 15 x 22 cm). ISBN 0-9583998-2-4

Frey en Gerda. (2001) (Pistorius, P. V., Trans.). Johannesburg: Piglet Press.
A translation of a Norse myth from German into Afrikaans by Philip Villiers Pistorius. The linocut illustrations drawn and cut by Dalene Marais. Printed letterpress from hand set type by Mark onto mould made paper. The edition was limited to 75 copies bound by hand, covered with random dyed book cloth over-printed with another line drawing by the artist on the cover (17 pages, 16 x 23 cm). ISBN 0-9583998-6-7

Niemann, P.E. (2011). Chubut and Bethulie: Domestic memoirs of the Boer War and Argentina. (Sandham, M. Trans. Ed.). Johannesburg: Piglet Press.
Fresh of the press. The memoirs of Petronella Elizabeth Niemann (married to Kuger and then Diedericks) of her time in the English concentration cap at Bethulie during the Anglo Boer War and later when her family relocated to Chubut, Patagonia in Argentina.  Translated, generously annotated and indexed by Mark Sandham, a chronology,  maps of the regions of interest,  a full bibliography and the original Afrikaans text have been included.  (128 pages, 14 x 20 cm) ISBN 0-9583998-7-5

Written others, including a perennial favourite across many university departments.

Sandham, M. (2008). Handbook to APA referencing. Johannesburg: Wits School of Education.
Written with his librarian hat on, a concise and useful reference work for students and other researchers especially in the social sciences needing to accurately reference research material to APA and most other scholarly standards.  Multiple editions and still in print. Cheerful illustrations from Orbis Sensualium Pictus of 1659 by John Amos Comenius (28 pages 15x21cm). ISBN 978-0-620-40730-4

Sandham, M. (Comp.) (2008). Leading educationist, Dr Franz Auerbach. Johannesburg: Wits School of Education.
Written to aid a colleague involved with research.  It is a comprehensive bibliography of most of the written works by Dr Auerbach including media cuttings.