Vandercook Centenary Print Bundle Exhibition

Vandercook Centenary Print

Vandercook Centenary Print

Additional details of the exhibits and history are in this catalogue
The Vandercook Centenary Print Bundle exhibition catalogue

The exhibition has closed.  It was well attended and this web page received a lot of hits, local and international.  It was reviewed in the local university student paper and mentioned on the local talk radio Station 702. For those who were unable to attend you can still order a letterpress printed keepsake by completing the web form at the end of this page.

Exhibition held in the magnificent foyer of the William Cullen Library at the University of Witwatersrand in  Johannesburg, South Africa.

From 12 to 30 July 2010 (just after the 2010 FIFA World Cup).

Open weekdays 8:00 (9:00 Wed) to 17:00, Saturday from 8:30 to 12:30 and closed Sundays.

You can locate the library easily on the Wits University East campus.  Enter via Yale Road and secure parking somewhere between the Planetarium (on East campus) and the Origins Center (next to the huge Amic Deck that spans the M1 highway).  You then proceed East towards the Library lawns in the middle of the campus.  The William Cullen opens onto the west side of the library lawns and you would be approaching it from behind when coming from Yale Road.  Please make sure you only park in designated spots to avoid having your wheel clamped, the gate guards can usually advise you on convenient parking if you ask.  The exhibition is in the foyer and you can easily spend from 10 to 60 minutes there.

This print bundle has been exhibited 6 times previously in the USA where most of the participants are based.  This is the first time it is reaching audiences that are more isolated from the main stream of the letterpress revival.

Some links relevant to the Exhibition

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The Exhibition was organised by Mark Sandham and Kalle Pihlajasaari.

The Print bundle was organised by Paul Moxon.

Thanks go to the William Cullen Library and staff for facilities, security and other support.

There will be a Letterpress printed Keepsake available to visitors at the exhibition (one each when you leave your details in the visitors book, email would be nice too,  as they are a limited edition) and we will also supply reprints of this Keepsake after the exhibition closes for a limited period (perhaps a month or so) if you send your details using the contact form at the end. They will be sent free of charge to South African addresses and postage internationally will be US$5.00 to be paid via PayPal, the account detail will be sent after we receive your requests.  I will collect all the requests for posted Keepsakes until we close the offer after the exhibition and see if we have to reprint any more. The forme locked in a chase for the Keepsake is on display as well.

You may take photos but the library prohibits the use of flash.

Image gallery

And now for a few low resolution pictures to tempt you to visit the exhibit, better pictures will be put up soon.

Vandercook Centenary Print Bundle  exhibition

William Cullen foyer

Vandercook Centenary Print Bundle display

The first display cabinet

Some printers equipment

Some printers equipment

Display with models

The last cabinet with Keepsake and papercraft model

Use email instead for a keepssake