The Big Sale

Lots of Letterpress and technology stuff for sale.

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Please come back a few times over the next 2 months as I add the rest of the cool stuff. What is not sold will be sold for scrap so make sure you get your offers in early. Remember to SHARE the post with the big rose logo on the Calrose Typesetters page so I know you are a serious buyer and to help spread the word (there is plenty for everyone).

This will be a list of all the stuff I have going up for sale. I will start the list with the letterpress stuff and then all the other stuff that needs clearing out. I will edit this list as my definitive list as I add more items, I hope to remove items shortly after they sell. At some point a lot of items will be converted to scrap metal so if you like something make an offer (see guidelines below). Bulk buyers and Letterpress/Electronics enthusiasts may receive discounts if they are polite.

The items will have prices in South African Rand (exchange rate close to ZAR10.50 ~ US$1.00).
Keep checking back, prices will be reduced if sales are slow, don’t miss that bargain.

Some items will have two prices, the first is the minimum amount you can offer without shame, you may offer less but may be ignored altogether, if I have not had better offers and I feel it is time to let something go I will contact you to say your offer has been accepted, make sure I have your correct contact details. The larger price will be the Buy-it-Now price and you can walk away with your new toy right away. Pretty much all the items are second hand or NOS (new old stock) so there can be no returns or refunds. Some of the items will link to my SirPlus webshop listings with longer descriptions or Flickr photos if these exist.

Always check that the item is still in stock (I may not have had a chance to update the list always) and where it is located, before you make payment. Your bank deposit payment secures the item for you, if collecting in person by appointment you may also bring cash (first come first served). Most items will be either in Midrand (M), Benoni (B), Doornfontein (D) or Parkview (P) as marked but can sometimes be moved to one of the other locations..


There are a few places where some of the items have photos posted like my Idyllic Press Flickr page.

There is more discussion on the Calrose Typesetters Facebook page. Additional discounts for those that share posts on the FaceBook page.

There are details on some items listed on the SirPlus web shop that may have brought you here.

If you see the same thing at different prices you can motivate for the cheapest price if you are polite.

Best place to send me email is
Or you can call me on 076-029-6493 Send an SMS if no answer.
For Books and household goods you can also contact on 082-78-8965
Payment in BitCoin or CES Tallents will be considered for some items.

We have the items classified in the following sections

Letterpress and Business




Computing and Collectables



Books, magazines and DVDs


Letterpress and Business

R3000 R4000 Ludlow Hot Metal slug caster, working but needs TLC, great for spares or take the accessories and matrixes below to get a full starter kit (D)

R2000 R4000 Ludlow Bits 3-ish Font matrix sets, accessories, tools, 4 ingot moulds, composing sticks, spares, cleaning tools, Matrix cabinets 5-ish (D)

R50 R100 Ingot moulds A number of Ingot moulds for casting typemetal with suspension holes. Ideal for Ludlow or Intertype operators. Price each. (D)

R600 R800 Light table with adjustable parallel guides. Built in stand, lights up (D)

R9000 R10000 Adana 8×5 – 1 Adana 8×5 with fountain, rollers, counter and chase (M)

R3500 R4000 Adana 8×5 – 2 Adana 8×5 with after market chase, no rollers (B)

R3000 R3500 Adana 8×5 – 3 Adana 8×5 needs TLC with after market chase, no rollers (B)

R1500 R3000 Adana HQ -1 Adana HQ, flatbed with one chase, no rollers, TLC required (B)

R2000 R4000 Adana HQ -2 Adana HQ, flatbed with one chase, no rollers (B)

R5000 R8000 Adana QFB Adana QFB, vintage wooden flatbed, chase, needs TLC w/roller (B)

R800 R3000 Cast iron Stone Composing stone, large metal with 2 drawers underneath (D)

R2000 R3000 Plate gauge With dial gauge and fast crank action (B)

R500 R1000 Plate gauge With custom pointer (D)

R5000 R8000 Professional rule bender With limited mandrels, ideal for steel rule die maker (B)

R800 R1000 Manual Rule cutter Good condition (B)

R400 R800 Manual Rule cutter Fair condition (D)

R400 R1000 Manual Rule miterer Fair Condition (B)

R300 R800 Manual Rule miterer Fair Condition (D)

R500 Motorised rule miterer Dangerous machine (D)

R300 R800 Price Tag printer Vintage (B)

R500 R800 Wire stitcher Old Desktop wire stitcher (makes its own staples from wire) (M)

R500 R1500 Numbering stamp Old Reiner numbering stamp, like new, with ink and spare pads (M)

R200 R300 Time clock stamp Vintage Time clock stamp, rubber bits gone, need to get new bits laser engraved, perfect for charity race or something (M)

R4500 R10000 Monotype Super/Compo-caster Monotype type casting machines lot of 3 (D)

R600 R1500 Compressor Monotype compressor 3-phase no tank (G)

R600 R1500 Compressor Monotype compressor 3-phase no tank (G)

R600 R1800 Compressor Monotype compressor 3-phase w pressure reservoir, relief valve and gauge (D)

R4000 R10000 Ludlow slug caster Ludlow with 3 fonts, many sticks, tools and spares, various matrix cabinets. No spacing, (D)

R7000 R10000 Intertype C4 Intertype Slug caster, pair of, one was working, 6 full & 6 empty mags, one electric quadder (D)

R200 R500 Hadego Camera This is a horizontal hand set photo typesetting camera. (D)

R5000 R10000 Hadego cabinets Hadego Font cabinets lot of 3 with 20 cases each (D)

R400 R1000 Hadego Fonts Hadego optical master fonts, white on black, about 60, I plan to keep one of each letter for my archive (D)

R25000 R30000 Vintage Press Vintage Otto Kruger or Emil Kahle Press with rollers and 5 original chases, came with the vintage type cabinet from Pilgrims Rest, some more pictures at (D)

R6000 R8000 Adana P71 Adana P71 motorised platen press with rollers, needs some work (D)

R55000 R60000 Vandercook SP-15 Cylinder proof press, good rollers & 2 cores, tools, fast lockup bar, one owner c.1970, (G)

R1000 R1500 Saw Slug trim saw 3-phase, needs blade sharpening and TLC (D)

R1000 R1500 Saw Slug trim saw 3-phase, needs blade sharpening and TLC (D)

R500 R1500 Guillotine contemporary, a3, needs sharpening (D)

R STOLEN Letterpress Border rules Line and ornamental border rules (about 600mm long strips) Sold by the kg, soon to be converted to spacing material (D)

R STOLEN Letterpress and diecut spacing Spacing material. Strips are about 600mm long. Short strips can be discounted. (D)

R200 R500 Vacuum printing frame and ‘flashing’ lamp A large size (estimated 400×500 mm) desktop vacuum printing frame. In decent mechanical condition but not tested as the pump has been removed. (D)

R SOLD Funditor PP02 Super cute Proof press, Ideal for linocuts and such. About 60kg so needs two to move comfortably, another picture (M)

R100 R200 Rubber stamp handles A large selection of rubber stamp handles. Plastic and Wood. Ideal for someone with a engraving laser who wants to mount lots of stamps. Alternately A craft or scrapbooking shop could sell as is or prepare custom stamps for customers.. The wood handles could possibly be engraved directly. (D)

R650 Map drawer Steel Map drawer with 6 (I think) drawers. Suitable for artwork or maps or blueprints. About 600mm height and A0 paper fits I think In storage in Parktown (P)

R200 DIY Press Ideal for that adventurous sort, make a etching and relief press in one, 4 pictures (M)

R200 DIY Press 2 A pressure fusing roller system from a rare photo copier. Two large diameter steel drums that are held together with spring tension. Could pass a cutting mat, etched plate, paper and some felt and use it to make engravings. Tell your friends. Good for A4 size paper only. A bit over 210mm wide. (B)

R8000 R12000 Vintage Oak type cabinet Lovely type cabinet with sloping composing top. About 14 of the 20 type cases are in with perhaps 10 useable sets of type., ex-Pilgrims rest tourist museum printing shop (D)

R SOLD Kingsley Foiling machine Vintage Hot foiling machine. Suitable for smaller jobs, hand set type. Includes about 4+ fonts of type and a few boxes of accessories. And a box of old foils and a few new foils. Also has the soft, med, hard urethane backing mats from eBay that make foiling onto thin stock very easy. (B)

R150 R250 Type cases Printers trays, various about 20 all told (D)

R100 Metal type Various Fonts of metal type for handset letterpress composition and limited hot foiling use. Some new, some distributed, Mostly Monotype but some Foundry type, price per kg. Half of this stockpile was stolen recently. The waiting game is not working out for you guys as there is no more being made here and no other stockpiles left. (B)

R1000 R1500 Trade balance A platform balance to handle upto 200kg, available when other stuff sold off (D)

R50 Spacing cabinet Cabinet to store spacing material for typesetting Choice of three (BD)

R200 Lacing frame posts Vintage hand bookbinding lacing frame screw posts with nuts for the DIY builder. (B)

R0 R100 Decoupage kit Free with other purchase. (M)

R0 R100 DIY paper making gear Free with other purchase. (B)

R2000 R10000 Wood type Fonts and assortments of wood printing type. In cases and loose. All made to anglo-american type height handset letterpress composition. Sizes from 6 to 36 line (25 to 150mm) height. Priced per case depending on condition, quantity and rarity. Perhaps 20 to 40 cases. Moslty jobbing fonts but a few samples of other more interesting selections. Quite a few are good full fonts. Good discounts if purchased with other stuff. (DB)

R6000 R10000 Letterpress portal As I will be far away I am looking for a buyer for the Letterpress SA ( web portal. While it has been interesting to keep my ideas in order it has not been the success I hoped in gaining traction amongst enthusiasts in South Africa, perhaps I am not gregarious enough and it needs a socialite to get it flying. I hope it can still succeed one day. The sale will include the domain name, the WordPress blog site and the FaceBook page and what goodwill I have been able to generate. (B)

R90000 Dog tag business I am undecided if I should take my mailorder business along with me when I leave. It is a very low impact online mailorder business that I do part time. It is very simple in operation, I buy blank ID tags, take orders, personalise the tags with a 60 years old debossing machine and then post the tags to customers. Profit about 60k per year with zero marketing for 12 hours per month of work. Maximum profit potential of the machine is way over R60k per MONTH with large customer base. Comes with tag stock that could be sold for over R120k. Includes machine, stock, domain name(s), web store and basic training if desired. The debossing machine is manualy operated and does not require electricity so can be setup in a container site but the whole operation is compact including the debosser a cupboard for stock and an internet PC with printer for online orders. (B)


R500000 Cincinatti laser cutter My friend has the following for immediate sale. A Cincinnati Inc CL-707 industrial cutting laser for metal, one of 5 units currently in regular service but underutilised and in the way of factory upgrade so surplus to requirements. The unit was made in 1996 and had R600k of work done on it not too long ago. Must be inspected and tested by buyer on site and decommissioned and collected from southern Johannesburg at buyers cost immediately. One week of the machine operators time will be made available after you have commissioned it to train your operator (buyer pays travel and subsistence costs in SA). Ideal as a second laser to provide a back up. Bed size about 1500 x 3000 mm, pictures to follow. The following details to be confirmed but it should have power in the 2 to 5kW range, linear motors for the X and Y axis and a double pallet system with an older controller. Price negotiable for a quick sale. (J)

R SOLD Laser Engraver Shell No-name CO2 laser engraver with Chinese Moshi controller and USB dongle for software, NO TUBE, good rebuild project. 30x200mm work area, spring loaded holding clamp and dodgy Z table lift. (M)

R SOLD Laser Engraver No-name 40W CO2 laser engraver with LAOSlaser controller 500x400mm work area, Flat T-slot bed 25mm below focus. Works ok, can do with a bit of TLC (M)

R SOLD Laser PSU Surplus HV Power supply for a 40W DC excited glass laser tube. Includes digital inline milliammeter and multiturn current set pot on dashboard insert. PSU also has a 5V and 24V DC outputs for controller. This is for a PAIR of spare power supplies same as in the Chinese lasers being sold above. (M)

R SOLD Laser Extractor A high power multi-stage centrifugal extractor. 3/4hp motor. Motor drives a dry vane pump that can be used for air-assist. Pulled from a mainframe tape streamer years ago, downside is that it is pretty noisy. (B)

R SOLD 80W Reci CO2 laser tubes and HV PSU Pair of Reci 80/90W glass laser tubes and one PSU. True condition is unknown but one looks like new and was taken out of service in less than a year and most of that was sitting idle I’m told. The PSU was also swapped but perhaps this one is also in perfect condition. The other tube looks well used but both tubes still lase and can be demonstrated. Priced for just one tube or PSU. (M)

R600 5-Phase stepper driver modules SANYO DENKI, Pentasyn PMM-BD-5701 units All three units. (B)

R200 Dallas Secure Microcontroller A Dallas DS2250T 32-16 secure microcontroller module (2 off) (B)

R20 Gameboy cartridge connectors This is a lot of NEW unused connectors (ex Taiwan) that can be used to make ROM readers to archive your GameBoy games (B)

R400 R800 Glass RF power triode valves The model number is a 4-250A if I remember correctly, these are good for display or VFH linear amplifier (B)

R200 Midland – CB Radio AM, SSB Midland 79-891 Citizen Band radio. (B)

R400 Valve RF Amplifier EX Military Aircraft Radio RF Amplifier Module. Uses 2 x 8621 / 4CX250FG Ceramic Output tubes (B)

R1000 HF radio & ATU Kenwood 150W SSB/AM TRC-70 shortwave radio and MAT-100 Automatic antenna tuner on a bracket with a mounting ball for whip (rusty) an unrelated whip is also available, needs an 8-pin DIN microphone but it does power up, can be configured for HAM bands. (must have valid licence to purchase) (B)

R100 Antennae Set of 3 VHF (2m band) antennae. A folded dipole, a J-pole and a regular vintage VHF TV bunny ears with a lone new cable. (B)

R100 Motorised Inductor A motor driven variable air core inductor. Ideal for that ATU unit you were planning (B)

R50 Spark erosion printer Almost a collectors item. For interest, was a phone call recorder (B)

R50 IR laser diode with optics Infra Red LASER diodes, with collimating optics and PIN diode monitoring circuit, ideal heat sinks for higher power laser modules, Uses a Sharp Diode, bulk discount (B)

R40 GPS antenna External waterproof magnetic mount GPS antennas. MCX and BNC connectors on 1.2m (or longer) cables. Low current 3.3-5.0V operation. Estimated 30 in stock, Ideal for marine GPS fitting or internal GPS use for time standards. (B)

R800 R1000 Electrostatic Headphones A pair of Stax SRD-6 Electrostatic headphones. A tiny pair of high voltage speakers stuck to your head, that is what is needed for a real Head Rush (M)

R500 Garrard 210 automatic turn table This is a circa 1960 Garrard 210 turntable. This is a auto disk dropper for up to 8 disks from 7 to 12 inches in diameter at a speed of 16, 33, 45 or 78 RPM. Needs some TLC I expect but a fun restoration project. A selection of records is also available. Includes a NOS stereo flip cartridge with LP and regular needles that must be fitted. There may be a second complete turn table mechanism included if it can be located (they seem identical). (B)

R100 Vintage Geha plate burner GEHA Electronics plate burner. This is a vintage drum type analogue plate burner of some sort. From the middle 1970′s and using valve electronics. (M)

R100 GPO Morse key This is a montage of the back and front of an old GPO Morse key. The condition is bad enough that it is not easy to restore it to working condition, ornamental value only (M)

R300 Vintage Pong games A pair of similar (perhaps internally identical) TV games. Cosmetically ok, function not known, one did not work the one time it was tried and not been tested since. Also another older unit, condition unknown. (MB)

R800 Drafting machine rails The robust extruded aluminium rails and carriages with plastic idler wheels (with bearings and eccentric adjustments) from a pair of identical parallel beam drafting machines. Ideal for making a 2.5D CNC wood router. There are two long and two shorter rails, picture a engineers drafting table, can measure if interest shown. (B)

R1000 Roland Plotters, lot Three A3 DXY plotters. (model numbers something like 880, 1100, 1300) Two have a double ended stepper motors on X axis. I think one was still working and one has been modified to traise the pen and traveling mechanism up by 25mm. Ideal rails and bits to make a RepStrap or similar CNC machine. Similar to the following and the following cool project (B)

R500 LIDAR Gun Laser Technologies LTI 20/20 Marksman laser speed and distance sensors, ex traffic cameras. Price is per each. Condition unknown, no way to test required some serial commands to request reading, no handles. About 6 in stock. They might make interesting line of sight data links with a bit of work or could be used to do lidar scanning of properties with a bit of work, at least the cases look very smart. Like the ones in the following link but no handles (they were attached to camera platforms) (B)

R400 AC Millivoltmeter (Philips) AC millivoltmeter, Large Analogue scale (B)

R200 Geiger Counter Vic Tic Geiger counter, Geiger tube collapsed, very early transistorised circuitry (uses gas filled voltage regulator tube) ()

R100 Variacs, 2 to fix Set of two variacs for repair, the correct gauge copper wire and patience, I had a 110V small unit that I will include if I find it. (B)

R800 R1000 Variac 7A Variable Autotransformer, open frame, works perfectly 7A. A big brute for testing many types of machines (especially vintage valve gear), just remember an autotransformer does not isolate. Add a big step down transformer and have an isolated variable unregulated AC/DC low voltage power supply (B)

R250 220-36V transformer Estimated at 250VA perhaps more and well suited to hookup to the Variac listed above (B)

R400 100A 5V PSU HP minicomputer PSU. Ideal power supply for water electrolysis to make balloon Hydrogen or Brown’s gas (HHO) (B)

R1200 R1600 sphygmomanometer Digital automatic bench top sphygmomanometer. Will take a single reading or continuously. Large easy to read LED display. Battery life almost zero, gel-cell needs to be replaced or use while plugged in. (M)

R400 R800 APS therapy unit Action Potential Therapy unit/ Made in SA, rechargeable battery inside. No probes, new probe wires needed. Included carry case. (B)

R6000 R8000 HP function generator HP 33120A 15MHz arbitrary function generator. Can be remote controlled. Built in standard functions with internal or external modulation. Works well, great for hearing tests. (B)

R800 R1200 Weston Cell A vintage Weston wet chemistry EMF (voltage) reference cell. These were used as the global standard for calibrating all voltage references including modern high tech digital voltmeters until 1990. This is one I purchased from Wits University in the 1990′s when they were cleaning out a few laboratories. It has no case and would have been fitted into a test bench of a small wood box. (B)

R300 R500 Tek 465 Scope The industry standard 100MHz dual trace scope used by thousands. It has issues so will need to go to a technically aware home. Triggering was erratic, only worked on delayed time base, some of the attenuator settings were badly out of calibration on one input, fan had a vibration, I suspect the hub is split. Has been sitting idle for 10 years as I have another scope. Has travel cover and cord pouch, no probes, sorry. (B)

R200 Tek 214 Scope An analogue storage Scope. For repair or spares. Dual channel battery operated (NiCad) Lovely to work with but low audio bandwidth only. (B)

R300 Astatic Desk microphone A Beautiful vintage crystal microphone (It looks like a JT-30 type from the 1940-69 but not sure). Set it up for transcribing audio books, dubbing of videos or hook it to a HAM radio to look professional. Or use it as a steam Punk prop for a party. Comes with cable, stand, instructions sheet and padded shipping envelope in original box (some scribbles on box). Untested and vulnerable to ANY DC on the connection so high impedance transformer coupling would be the safest way to hook it up if you want it to last. It came from the estate of someone who used to make 16mm films (his film projector is also for sale). (B)

R20 Clock Standard kitchen clock (B)

R1000 Everay induction treatment machine This was a type of machine that was used a while back to treat some conditions. Comes in a wood box with old Bakelite knobs and stuff. It has a direct mains induction coil that drives a High voltage step up transformer in the handle to give high voltages at high frequencies. If all works well the output power is sort of like what you would get in a modern day Plasma globe. It includes two neon filled probes that glow pretty when you apply them to your arm and a bare metal probe (that I was not brave enough to test). I received it with a burnt out handle transformer and a decade later came across a new, very similar, handle that I wired up and it worked. Not fully isolated so sold as a display item but could be demonstrated at your Goth or Halloween party if you have paramedics amongst the guests :-) I also have an even newer handle with internal electronic induction circuit made in Russia that should accept the same probes that I will include with this unit, I have not tested it but it looks pretty well looked after. (B)

R500 NLS multimeter Pair of working vintage Multimeters Model LM-35A. LED display, 3xAA battery operation. Made by Non Linear Systems (B)

R300 Embedded controller case Robust aluminium table top computer controller case. Has a swivel top monitor enclosure and a 19inch 3U high base unit. Unused but needs a new coat of paint. Ideal for CNC router-plasma cutter control box. (B)

R400 Temperature indicator Vintage thermocouple temperature indicator. By Negretti and Zambra. 0 to 400 Fahrenheit. Magnificent box with detachable lid. (B)

R100 Boiler gague Large (300mm+) boiler gague. Reads 0 to 120 deg C. 10m long capillary tube with large bulb, used to check the weather outside. Random barometer included. (B)

R600 Variable PSU HP 6200B 40V 1.5A Variable linear bench powersupply. Reliable workhorse, current set/limit, analog readout. (B)

R250 Garmin GPS25 OEM GPS receiver board. Kind of old but NOS. I have 2 unused and perhaps can find one or two more test units. (M)

R100 Vintage Hearing aids A pair of vintage heading aids. One a Philips has transistors (perhaps OC71 style glass ones, there are a couple of loose ones in the box and I can no longer recall why) This init has a drive element for an ear piece and what looks like a detached microphone but not sure. The other one a STC (likely made in SA) operates on 3 thermionic valves and has a microphone on the front of the case, it has no earpiece but the wire is connected to crystal terminals inside, it can be selected to work with a dynamic driver as well. There is a copy of the first page of a 1957 Practical Wireless magazine article on how to hack this type of hearing aid into a radio, they were common on the surplus market at that time. It uses two DF70 tubes and one DL71 tube and needs two dry cell batteries to work, a 3V for the filaments (there is a sample of this one) and a 22.5V for the HV, these are connected to the end of a wire for placement into a convenient pocket. (M)

R100 GSM alarms A pair of GSM assisted alarms. One is a Alarm panel phone home device that has a battery charger and stuff in a steel box. The other is a GSM alarm camera. Both have standard M2M GSM phone modules, ideal for experimenting with GSM controls. (M)

R200 Video Printer Standalone video printer. Prints onto thermal paper direct from PAL/CCIR 50 frams per second 1V p-p video signal. Ideal for security office when one wants to print a still from a legacy video recorder setup. (B)


R50 UV eraser EPROM eraser with timer, use for curing glue perhaps (B)

R1000 Lamp working torch Nortel Minor, one jet blocked, with hoses, price goes up if I clear the jet, Works with LP gas and Oxygen (preferred) or compressed air. See listing for oxygen concentrators and gas bottle below (M)

R6000 INVARCARE Oxygen Concentrator ex home medical but well suited to lamp workers or glass bead blowers, working and will be demonstrated (M)

R4000 OxyCon Oxygen concentrator ex home medical but well suited to lamp workers or glass bead blowers, working and will be demonstrated (D)

R3000 Oxygen concentrator ex home medical but well suited to lamp workers or glass bead blowers, working and will be demonstrated (B)

R SOLD Fog machine Small indoor type, uses water-based fog juice. Condition a bit iffy but can be demonstrated (M)

R1000 3 Coffee grinders Industrial grade ideal for coffee shop, one was working, cannot test as they have big 3-phase motors, need TLC (B)

R4000 LaPavoni Espresso Machine This is a well built La Pavoni BAR TM-3 espresso machine, in storage, complete but needs some TLC. (B)

R500 Motorised Conveyer roller This is a neat self contained conveyor belt drive roller. It has a motor and gearbox (perhaps planetary) inside and a electrical connection box on the end of one hollow shaft. Might work as a motorised roller for an etching press. (B)

R300 Swatch cutter Industrial Grade Swatch Cutter. (B)

R6000 R7000 Wacker Plate Compactor A basic forward backward plate compactor. Diesel engine. Needs 4 new rubber isolation mounts. Will be shown to run. (B)

R400 DeVilbis vintage Airbrush Happy to exchange for high-end used modern airbrush multiple pictures (M)

R900 Hilti DX450 A used but functioning Nail Gun, comes with a few boxes of cartridges and nails. No case. Piston could likely be replaced but otherwise OK. (B)

R100 Floor standing fan Large floor standing space fan with metal cage, condition unknown (D)

R100 Through wall extractor fan Wall mounted light proof extractor fan for Dark room, condition unknown (D)

R400 Paper shredder Robust unit, needs cabinet or stand, using it to get rid of all my old papers. (B)

R200 Insuflator Medical Insufflator with small gas generator attached and chart recorder for pressure trace. Model RT from Grafax. For display or parts. Has a pressure regulator and an aneroid pen movement. These were used when doing keyhole surgery to maintain a constant pressure of gas in the abdominal cavity while working. (B)

R200 Circle glass cutter Vintage Glass cutter for making round windows or mirrors. Uses diamond point (might need replacing). Made with brass fittings by SHAW in England. (B)

R400 Fax machine Toshiba (DP80F I think) Plain paper Fax machine (laser engine). Office grade worth thousands. Spare brand new drum/toner cartridge, value R900. (B)

R50 Fax machine Regular thermal roll paper fax machine, paper sensor is sticky. (M)

R1000 Vac forming machine Dental grade small Vacuum forming machine. “The Machine” by Keystone 220V pump is noisy but still working (B)

R SOLD Sauna heater Small Sauna heater for experimental use, condition meager. Stainless steel, wood and fibre cement construction. No stones, thermostat or other controls (B)

R4000 Wind pump headgear Most likely the model is a >Gearing, self oiled< and it comes with the blades. Mounted on tower, purchaser must remove without damaging tower. Pump and rusty pipes are also available with the head if removed carefully. (B)


R100 Colour mixer 35mm ands 120 film photo enlarger dicroic filter colour mixing head, needs bulb (B)

R7000 Cambo View camera Monorail with one lens and one extra lens board. Extra bellows, couple film holders (M)

R500 nuArc SST2024 Horizontal Process Camera Horizontal, 20×24 inch. Ideal for stripping has perforated film holder and vacuum pump, ideal for making a vac-forming machine (D)

R500 Duplomat Repro 234 Vertical, Ideal for stripping, with vacuum pump and flood lights, 210mm Rodenstock Rodagon R 1:5.6 process lens (D)

R100 Agfa Isolette Uses 120 film for 6×6 cm and 6×4.5cm pictures. For spares or rebuild. (M)

R600 Giant servo controlled Enlarger Lens This is a Giant lens from a Noritsu analogue photo printer (mini lab). It was intended to enlarge from strip film, 35mm or 60mm onto photographic paper up to 24 inches wide. (B)

R500 Large servo controlled Enlarger Lens This is a Giant lens from a Noritsu analogue photo printer (mini lab). It was intended to enlarge from strip film onto photographic paper. Smaller than the unit described above (B)

R3000 Minox cameras and enlarger Two Minox cameras, a Minox enlarger and Minox daylight film developing tank. The James Bond Spy camera with bits to actually develop and enlarge photos. (MB)

R100 MohrDry – Rotary print dryer/glazer Dusty, condition unknown. Might be the perfect thing for glazing photos or hand made paper or similar projects, perhaps even as a art print dryer. (D)

R100 Mikron IR Non contact thermometer An old style Pistol grip IR Non Contact thermometer. Has a large parabolic reflector to capture the radiation onto a small focal point mounted pyrometer element (type unknown) (B)

R200 Wheatstone bridge – Vintage W.G.P. Wheatstone Bridge on Bakelite face plate. Restoration project. Condition not that nice to look at but complete with minimal tampering. (B)

R100 Brass Microscope Vintage cast iron and brass microscope. Optics suspect as they arrived in a box, they do magnify ok. It has no main focus pinions/knobs so not ideas for everyday use but could be used to look at stamp perforations or something and makes a lovely paperweight or desk ornament. ‘ (M)

R100 Full to Half plate reducing Camera Back w/film holder This is a KODAK reducing camera back. It is for an 8×10 (10×8 inch in England or 18×24 cm on the continent) or full-plate camera that is made to take a smaller film holder of 4.25 x 6.5 inches of a rather dated size, it is a glass half-plate size but the included holder is only suitable for film. The back has a small cast brass label with the name and other text. (M)

R400 Leica Copy attachment A Leica copy attachment set made by Leitz for the early Leica 35mm cameras. (M)

R500 Siemens Projector Model 200 Siemens 16mm film projector, optical sound in carry case, Can include a reenl with cartoons if I can find it. (B)

R700 Weston Light Meters Classic vintage Weston photographic exposure meters AND for the Weston Master II a rare invercone and an even more rare neutral density filter. The Master II Cine and the Master V still show a reading. The others do not. The Invercone will not fit the Master V. Price for the complete lot of 5 light meters, if you take the other light meters you get discount. Tere are some details on two of the Weston meters at this link ‘ (M)

R700 Gossen Light Meters Classic vintage and more modern photographic exposure meters. The Gossen Luna-Pro, Gossen BISIX 2 and Courney FM2 appear to work ok. The other 3 are for spares or repair. Priced for the lot of 6 and discount if you buy both sets of light meters. ‘ (M)

R400 Violet Laser module A pair of violet laser modules from Heidelberg direct to plate processors. One is rated 30mW the other is 60mW. They have a motorised filter carousel and beam spot adjustment, a decent lens and an annular Peltier effect cooler. Condition is unknown, perhaps total scrap but real cool . Price for the pair, for experimentation. More details at the link (M)

R SOLD Sony Cam Corder A older Hi-8 semi-pro cam corder. Stereo sound, Zoom and Macro lens, has trouble with camera portion but might be suitable for playback of legacy tapes to AV output. (M)

Computing and Collectables

R200 Adler 81 C Calculator Basic 4 function vintage calculator with pouch (pouch has slight rip on side). From the 1970′s. (M)

R100 Sinclair Scientific Calculator Sinclair scientific calculator (one of the important steps in the affordable pocket calculator, from (now Sir) Clive Sinclair who gave us the ZX80, 81, Spectrum and QL) in poor condition but working electronics. (M)

R800 TI Programmer 58 C Calculator This is a TI Programmable 58C calculator with continuous memory and Aviation module. This was also the first series of hand held calculators to use program modules. (M)

R1000 CASIO FX-702P and FA-2 calculator and cassette interface One used BASIC programmable CASIO pocket computer with printer/tape/music interface. The FX-702P calculator is tested and working. (M)

R400 R500 Speak and spell A low mileage Texas Instruments Speak & Spell with the vocabulary upgrade module. Tidy working condition. no battery leak. You saw it first in the movie ET. (M)

R SOLD HP-55 Calculator Owners handbook HP-55 Owners handbook issued December 1974. Inside is also a genuine Cash Sale receipt for a HP-55 dated 13/07/77 for a unit purchased in South Africa. (M)

R4000 Memory Collection A collection of various memory technologies. Bubble memory, Core memory, (B)

R300 Vintage Pong games A pair of similar (perhaps internally identical) TV games. Condition ok, function not known, one did not work the one time it was tried and other not tested. PAL VHF I expect. (M)

R200 R300 Atari TV game cartridges A genuine box holding 14 carts. With space for 2 more. Game titles as follows; Combat, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Casino, River Raid, Video Pinball, Defender, Yars Revenge, Berzerk, Packman, Vanguard, Space Invaders, Megamania, ET The Extraterrestrial, Asteroids. Ideal situation if you want to play some of these games on MAME systems and like to have original ROMs on hand for licencing reasons (M)

R SOLD Lenovo Laptop A single owner 3000 N200 Laptop. Does not run on battery at all. Small crack in cover. Otherwise works ok. Factory Win XP reinstalled (from hidden partition). I need to get one with Nordic keyboard for where I am going so no point in having this fixed. (M)

R500 R10000 CO.ZA Domains These domains are available for transfer, they include some historical (bksinc was the first commercial domain registered in 1993/4) and two letter domains. Optional basic hosting available at R1000pa, DNS parking ar R200pa.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (M)

R100 ZX Spectrum One ZX Spectrum and PSU for spares. Does not wake up, keyboard very good condition. (B)

R200 Sinclair compatible printer Alphacom 32 thermal paper printer for ZX81/ZX Spectrum (with a roll of paper, can make more from fax rolls or buy online) replaces the aluminium paper printer that Sinclair sold., no PSU included with this unit, they are rated as 26.8VAC 1 amp output (24V DC might also work if one checks the internal circuitry). It was also sold as the Timex-Sinclair 2040 Printer (M)

R SOLD HP 21 manual Owners manual in good condition for HP 21 Scientific RPN calculator (M)

R150 Desktop addingmachine Olympia CPD3212 modern desktop printing adding machine ideal for a bookkeeper or other oldschool desk worker (B)

R50 Phone cards A lot of 25 prepaid phone cards. South African and Italian.5 to 15 years old. (M)

R4000 A3 EPSON scanner A magnificent A3 flat bed scanner, model GT-15000 with USB interface. Perfect for old documents, newspapers, artwork, plans and other stuff just too big for your regular desk top scanners. Supported by VueScan and supported at least upto Windows 8. Originally sold at US$1500, last available factory refurbished for US$769. This one available at US$360. Collection only, with demonstration. Download driver from (M)

R200 A massive linear bearing A used but good looking linear bearing. Made like a LM8UU but with a 40mm (estimated) diameter hole. Ideal demonstrator to how show the ball transfer works on the 3D printer guides. (B)


R SOLD Metal four-poster bed Painted white, children’s sun/moon motif, double, no mattress (M)

R SOLD Bunk Bed Pine bunk bed with book case, can be stacked in L shape or directly on top 204x104cm, 176 cm high available end January, foam mattresses (M)

R SOLD Pine dresser Varnished pine, 3/4 drawers, 47x4cm 76 high included with bunk bed (M)

R SOLD Toy boxes (2) Toy/linen boxes for under bed with castors, 73x77cm 22cm high, pair included with bunk bed (M)

R SOLD Bicycle Small for 6 -9 year old (M)

R SOLD Bicycle Medium for 8-13 year old, needs new tube (M)

R SOLD Sofa A L shaped 2+3 synthetic suede sofa. 244x244cm (M)

R SOLD TV Regular 51cm TV. No remote (M)

R SOLD Flip top ottomans 3 Storage Ottomans, black 41x41cm 46cm high (M)

R SOLD Microwave oven Normal type, condition ok, paint peeling under carrousel, works well (M)

R SOLD DVD player Compact type (M)

R SOLD Blender Jug Blender, cup blender and stick blender price each (M)

R SOLD Hanging mirror Full length mirror to hang on wall (M)

R SOLD Small bookcase Stained pine, dark brown, 80x19cm 92cm high (M)

R SOLD Oregon Pine bookshelf Lovely tall book shelf 89x37cm 203cm high some cat scratches (M)

R SOLD Tea table Ball and claw feet, dark hardwood, flip up wings 81×53/97cm 70cm high Used as a TV stand. (M)

R HOMED No more Black Cats Looking for one loving home three pictures in album, Hermione has found a home, Fluffy has found a home. Back Cat is still eagerly awaiting a place. (M)

R750 Dog kennel Large size plastic rotomoulded igloo kennel, good condition, green, for Labrador or similar 94cm high 86cm diameter (R1700 new) (M)

R250 Dog kennel Small size plastic rotomoulded igloo kennel, good condition, green for puppy or small dog, 50cm high 47cm diameter (R630 new) (B)

R1800 Garden deck chair Beautiful meranti deck chair with brass fittings adjustable and foldable. Old style (B)

R600 Garden pool chairs Pair of basic slatted pool side loungers. With wheels for easy portability. Priced for pair (B)

R SOLD Garden chairs and table 6 plastic chairs and matching plastic garden table with detachable legs (M)

R8500 Bed and base Queen size, memory foam, 6 months old, still under guarantee, now includes new sheets and protector worth over R1000,it is about to get packed into the container if nobody wants it. (B)

R400 Electric Lawn Mower Electric, no grass box, looks grim but works well. 1900W (B)

R SOLD Push lawnmower A lovely older Push type lawnmower for cutting small yards and getting good exercise. (B)

R200 Mulcher/chipper An older garden twig chipper, leaf mulcher. Good for a handyman. Was working, can be tested. (B)

R SOLD Projector screen Big 8′ x 6′. white vinyl on stand, pull up style, perfect for sports evening party using a DLP projector, hiding behind Christmas tree in photo (M)

R SOLD Vacuum cleaner No fittings, great for garage and car clean up (M)

R SOLD Humidifier Ultrasonic humidifier with automatic controls (B)

R SOLD Room heater 3 panel Gas heater, no bottle, used one season, like new (M)

R900 Steel shelves lot of 3 Shelves for Monotype Composition caster matrix boxes. Each shelf can take 90 boxes, 3 shelves for a total of 270 compartments. These would be ideal for a tool room or something similar, some have lockup bars. Price for set of three. (D)

R400 Vintage Jerry cans Military Spec Jerry cans, Pair, flip tops (B)

R800 Big Five solid wood table top Large solid wood circular table top with engraved African animals (note, not the regular big 5) in a recessed area that could be covered with a circular glass inset. (B)

R1400 Round solid wood table Solid wood tropical hardwood circular table top with hand carved interlocking tripod legs. (B)

R30000 Charging Elephant – painting – Vic Andrews Original painting 81x53cm of a Charging Bull Elephant. Oil on board, signed. Price will increase with time, buy now to avoid the rush. Vic Andrews is a South African born painter who has paintings in galleries world wide. (B)

R40000 Still life – painting – Reshada Crouse Original painting 45 x 60 cm approx. Study of flowers, oil on paper c.2001. Reshada Crouse ia a South African painter who never paints still life and hardly ever in such free form, there is a story behind this if you are interested. It would be fitting if this work found a home here in South Africa. (B)

R6000 Huge office/boardroom table and chair A massive partridge wood table with a horseshoe chair. 6 drawers on one side and 2 cabinets on the other. Can seat two people with computers comfortably. On consignment at Parkview furniture spot. 184x122cm, 76cm high (P)

R200 Pogo Stick Genuine skull cracking solid steel adult strength vintage pogo stick. How to close a rowdy party, offer this and the ambulance will clear out the drunk guests after a couple of bouncing attempts. (B)

R400 Pup Tent I think that is what they are called, a triangular job that the scouts would have used, rods and ropes and pegs included. Very old but still suitable for campouts and yard play. Fits two smaller children. (B)

R SOLD Dome tent and sleeping bags A two person dome tent in good condition and two childrens sleeping bags (bags may be sold separately at R40 each) (M)

R900 School tables (3) Three vintage school benches. In various condition, with some modern repairs. Seats flip up, holes for inkwells, sloping top. Ideal for play room, home schooling or day care. Price for the set of three, typical price is R750 each (B)

R600 Enamelled steel table Steel table with enamelled top. 2 drawers on left and 3 on the right. (B)

R600 Melamine top table Work table with Melamine top. Some soldering iron burn scars (I got it like that) that could be filled with epoxy. 3 drawers on right. (B)

R100 Wood table Office table, veneered chipboard marginal condition, 3 drawers each side, made of veneered chipboard. (B)

R1900 Solid wood table Beautiful Mahogany Office table with 3 and 3 drawers and little adding machine pull out tables. 151x91cm, 77cm high Available end January (M)

R2800 Solid wood counter A beautiful solid wood recycled Oregon pine counter with 3 drawers and bottom shelf 250 x 55 cm (M)

R800 Steel filing cabinet Regular 3/4 drawer steel cabinet for hanging files, no key, with rails (B)

R1800 Wood storage rack Magnificent pine storage rack, with 3 HDF shelves, varnished, 250x54cm, 172cm high. They fit perfectly into a garage. Discount if buying more than one (M)

R1800 Wood storage rack Magnificent pine storage rack, with 3 HDF shelves, varnished, 250x54cm, 172cm high. They fit perfectly into a garage Discount if buying more than one (M)

R1400 Wood storage rack Pine storage rack, with 3 HDF shelves, varnished, 250x54cm, 172cm high. They fit perfectly into a garage Discount if buying more than one (B)

R SOLD Pine Book shelves A matching pair of regular Pine book shelves, sealed, 120x30cm, 180cm high. (M)

R SOLD Wood counter top Pine counter with well designed book shelves 230x32cm, 94cm high (M)

R SOLD Medela breast pump Medela Lactaset. Manual breast pump, still sealed in factory wrapper, cat in picture also available. (M)

R SOLD Low bench, table Varnished pine, robust/rustic, nice condition 143x56cm 38cm high (M)

R1800 Wood massage bed Adjustable hardwood massage bed (meranti) tastefully recovered (blue) and varnished and full width hinge fitted, super condition 200x60cm 80cm high (B)

R1800 Steel frame massage bed Adjustable steel pipe frame massage bed super condition approx dimensions 200x60cm 80cm high (B)

R SOLD Christmas tree Fibre optic illuminated Christmas tree, no ornaments, available after Christmas, back of picture (M)

R500 Tumble dryer Little used, works well (B)

R SOLD Folding Futon base 150x198cm 10cm high, hinged to fold in three for transport and storage, can make a low seat With Futon mattress (M)

R600 Split Futon base Split bed base, large (king size?) with futon mattress (futon cover is torn in one corner) (B)

R SOLD Folding chairs Wood chairs, folding with stats 44x47cm for children for the pair (M)

R600 Steel cupboard Very good condition Typical workshop/stationery cupboard (M)

R400 Steel cupboard Typical workshop/stationery cupboard (M)

R300 Steel cupboard Typical workshop/stationery cupboard, no door lock or handle (B)

R SOLD Belfast sinks A pair of magnificent Belfast/Butler sinks. A date of 1943 visible on one, they show their age with some chips (one has a hairline crack in the glaze) and old fitting. A matched pair. Made in Britain. (B)

R SOLD DSTV PVR Standard PVR DSTV decoder with Dualview LNB on dish. Also has a Drifter. (M)

R500 Spinning wheel Small size spinning wheel for DIY fixup or ornamental use. (B)

R100 Embroidery hoops A set of 4 embroidery hoops, largish size at 10 to 14 inches at a guess, some with stands and bases to make for comfortable working. (B)

R200 Tapestry frame A older wodden tappestry frame. Used to hold a canwass or woven base under tension so that a pile could be put on. One of the wood screws is bent but not a show stopper and could be straightened by steaming (suspend in pipe over boiling water till hot +30 min and then take out and clamp until cold). The nuts for the wood threads are in the box. (B)

R200 Small tapestry loom A basic desk top tappestry loom with a crude rigid heddle system. About 100cm wide. Needs TLC (B)

R800 Small loom Small rigid Heddle weaving Loom about 60cm wide. Suitable for making table runners, placemats or small wall hanging. (B)

R3000 Desk Loom This is a clone/prototype of a Finnish Varpapuu (Silja or Nordia not sure which) dektop loom about 60cm wide. The story I heard was that a weaver in Parkhurst (Johannesburg) cloned a popular loom for his wife and made improvements. When news got to the factory in Finland the improvements were incorporated into the new generation of loom. Desk top looms of this class are used at the Waldorf school in the handcraft classes. It has 4 toggles for the 4 shafts with heddles. Includes a Raddle and a couple of rag shuttlles. One Reed only. (B)

R5000 Vintage Floor Loom This is a pretty old floor loom perhaps 150cm wide with a hanging beater. It has weathered and will need quite a bit of dedication to get into working conditon but a coat of sanding sealer or polish would make it into a beautifull ornament with very little effort. It was rescued from a antique dealer who was abot to turn it into a kitchen cupboard/counter unit. It has 8 treadles and was likely intended to have 4 shafts but these are missing. The beater needs some surgery and the reed is badly broken in two so it is only suitable for testing on a narrow warp. Mosly assembled with mortice joints and wedges. Looks like a locally made reproduction. Comes from East London many years ago and been stored inside and outside. Ignore the pale wood of the loom behind it in the pictures. (B)

R8000 Vertical Rug loom Wide vertical rug or tappestry loom about 180cm wide. A Varpapuu Lapponia. Not very common. Includes 2/3 reeds. The loom has never been used and when we recived it, it was missing some of the parts for the heddle frames (shafts) but these are not very complex for a woodworker to make. The width of the loom requires 3 pairs of treadles but they are in parallel so there is only a single shed from the two shafts. The beater is usually hooked up with a bungie cord or spring. The vintage wood in front is from anouther loom. Just look at the pale wood in the photo. Marylins looms and work in progress, she has 2 and makes tapestries (B)

R13000 Floor Loom Very nice floor loom about 150cm wide. 3 Reeds included, 6 treadles, 4 shafts. (B)

R900 Rocking chair Suspension link rocking chair and companion rocking foot stool. Needs new cloth, perished from the sun. (B)

R200 Fruit dryer Swiss made SIGG fruit, berry or mushroom dryer. Has 3 grids and low power hearer that uses warm convection air to dry your home grown produce. (B)

R2000 Vintage Stove Vintage Defy Stove. Perfect for a summer cottage, retro kitchen or similar. Working condition, in regular use, single phase hook-up, 3 x Solid plates. (B)

R200 Cordless phones A set of 3 Panasonic KX-TG110SA DECT cordless phones to let you have the freedom of your house with your land line. One base and 2 chargers with 3 handsets. (M)

R400 Neotel Phone and router A Neotel dual SIM (CDMA and GSM) phone and a WiFi router with Neotel LTE USB dongle. Check coverage first. (M)

R SOLD DVD cases About 50 Assorted empty DVD cases, great for posting CDs with photots to family, survives the post better than a CD jewelcase (M)

R20 Ceiling Fan Condition Unknown, with blades (B)

R1800 Violin Well looked after, with one bow and carry case either a 3/4 or a 1/2 size. Includes electronic tuner if we can find it. (B)

R50 X-Y ball maze puzzle Use two knobs to tilt a maze and avoid the pitfalls along the way. About 20×20 cm (M)

R180 Counter top A solid pine block wood countertop, 1500x600x28mm, unused, removed from workbench like the one in linked advert (B)

R40 Glass fish tank Glass tank about 300 x 200 x 200mm, includes new-in-box immersion water heater and airpump (2 of) and electronic ballast, no lid. Great for your reptiles or guppy transfer tank. (M)

R2000 Pidgeon holes A older solid wood (oak most likely) pidgeon hole cupboard. Like you would find in a school staff room or similar. Size 135x36cm 95cm high. Compartments are 25cm wide 18cm high 5×4=20, holes. (B)

R1000 Curtains A house full of curtains, almost forgot about those. 8 windows. Many (I think) with net curtains. Various colours red, blue,brown, pink (B)

R LOST Sifted Compost A bakkie load of mature sifted compost. Must collect (and load yourself) in Midrand before end January (M)

R50 Compost sift A very effective compost sift. Plastic mesh, 25mm (1 inch) grid. About 160x60cm with a single prop. Could be converted to sift plaster sand with a mesh change. (M)

R50 Split poles, used A full bakkie load of creosoted split poles. About 2m long, many with rot at one end. Great for rustic garden projects (M)

R500 Sleeper couch One older sleeper couch. Robust and well functioning mechanism. Linnen storage under the seat. Cloth upholstery has some cat scratches. (B)

R800 Old fridge Older Philips fridge. Still works, retro look. Availability to be confirmed, new door gasket included (B)

R100 Folding chair A child size folding chair (B)

R400 Folding directors set chair Modern pale wood folding elevated chair with raised back (B)

R1500 Storeroom shelf Custom made plywood shelf with vintage hardwood boxes. Ideal for storing collections, tools, stock or other stuff. Has about 9 shelves and each fits about 6 wood boxes. Each box should take an A4 sheet of paper and about 20cm high open on the top. Total shelf is about 120x30cm and 230 cm high. There are boxes for 7 of the shelves and two shelves are free. Price includes all the boxes (all counts and dimensions from memory, to be confirmed) (B)

R1 Parketwood floor blocks Four (4) 210 litre drum fulls and 2 sacks, perhaps Rhodesian Teak or something like that, very hard. Price is R1 per block (R58/sqm), cheaper if you take the lot (estimated 1400 blocks or 25sqm R1000 the lot). Block size 230×75 mm ()

R80 Fishing rod with reel A strong game fishing rod (2m long) and reel (G&Y Ltd, Tattler III), suitable for kite flying (perhaps even for fishing). A few of the eyes might want a spot of glue on the threads if you have something valuable on the end of the line. ()

R800 Depilator Salon type professional RF Depilator (has tuned RF occilator circuit with glass valve/tube) ()

R100 Thermos flask Old Stanley all metal thermos flask. Has top cup but the inner cork is missing ()

R120 Oil filled heater Standard oil filled space heater with temperature control (B)


R3000 R4000 Alfa Romeo Berlina 2000 Complete Berlina, good for spares, was running 12 years ago (B)

R SOLD Volvo 164 Was running 7 years ago, gear shift link ball joints broken, water pump was rebuilt. Ex estate sale. Not licensed. For spares. (B)

R SOLD Hyundai Elantra 1996 1.8 J2 GLS Available in the new year, needs work but reliable drive gear, price depends on convenience of transaction (B)

R12000 R15000 Golf 1.6 Available in the new year, needs work, comes with a boot full of extra spare parts from other stripped golf. (B)

R SOLD R200000 Nissan Qashqai Available soon, perfect condition, (vanity plates DOULA GP available separately), 87kkm, full service (B)

R4000 R5000 DOULA GP Vanity plate for the power doula in all of you. Transfer costs to buyers account. Included with Qashqai if available (B)

R SOLD Nissan Qashqai mag wheel Magnesium rim that was run while flat (while a run flat band was on so the tyre bead could not have come off though it looks like it never tried) and replaced by insurance valued over R3k. Looks perfect but I would strongly suggest you get the mag wheel doctor to check it, shredded tyre still on. Included with Qashqai purchase if still available. The runflat band was moved to the new rim. The outside of the rim is without any damage. (B)

R500 Farm Trailer A farm style trailer. Was road legal but long since deregistered. Solid axel with leaf springs. Alfa Romeo hubs and rims (B)

Books, magazines and DVDs

R50 Alcatraz Rules 1956/1983 On the Cover “INSTITUTION RULES & REGULATIONS” by Warden Paul J. Madigan. Titled “REGULATIONS FOR INMATES U.S.P., ALCATRAZ REVISED 1956″ This specimen is a 1983 reproduction done in faithful style by the “Golden Gate National Parks Association”. This is a wonderful read. Perhaps even a bit of nostalgia for someone who has visited the island on a tour. I have a guide book for Robben Island that I will include with this if I can find it, they should be together but move fast or they may get lost in moving boxes. (M)

R150 Christopher Plantin by Colin Claire The Biographical study of “Christopher Plantin” by Colin Clair ISBN 1870495012 This edition published 1987 by Plantin Paperbacks, first published 1960, this is what is termed a trade reprint 302 pp with a few black and white illustrations. (M)

R4500 R5000 Roberts – Birds of South Africa A first Edition first impression in good condition. (B)

R500 R650 Cyanotype by Mike Ware Cyanotype: The history, science and art of photographic printing in Prussian blue. by Mike Ware (1999) A serious out of print book on the history and chemistry of the Cyanotype/blue-print process, used for shadow grams, photos and engineering drawings from the dawn of photography into the early part of the 20th century., about 7 in stock (M)

R5 R10 Elector Magazines Lots of Elector Magazines (3-5 years worth) Low bid if you take the lot. (B)

R3 R6 Practical Electronics Lots of Practical Electronics incorporating Practical Wireless magazines, perhaps 2-4 years worth (B)

R280 R380 Birth DVDs Birth DVDs ()

R SOLD Birth Books Birth Books ()

R SOLD Tween books Tween books ()

R300 Electronic Cookbooks A selection of electronic Cookbooks (B)

R200 History of computing A selection or earlier coputing history and early microprocessor databooks that offer a view into the early days of electronic computing (B)

R5 R20 LP Records A selection of LP records, SA pressings mostly I suppose, various sources, perhaps 20 or more R5 each if you take the lot. A vintage turntable is also available. (B)


R200 R2000 Follow link for list A bunch of items I can accept in trade or will pay fair price. (M)

R20000 R40000 Bakkie Looking for a reliable roadworthy petrol bakkie for my father (B)

R200 Atari TV game console I am looking for a old Atari TV game console that I can use to play my recently found collection of 14 carts (they are up for sale further up), I would need Joysticks and paddles, a loan for a few months in exchange for some/all of the carts would be an option as well. (B)