South African links of interest

Information sites

International links of interest

Information sites

Mailing lists and discussion groups

  • LetPress is an active mailing list relating to all things Letterpress
  • PPLetterpress a Yahoo group on letterpress printing with Photo Polymer plates

International presses of mention

Arion Press

Interesting Blogs about Letterpress

  • PRINTERESTING with some interesting finds about letterpress
  • TYPORETUM all about type and letterrpess
  • WORK & THOUGHTS by Armina showing the posts about letterpress (moving to new home July 2011)

Letterpress in the movies

There are many clips related to letterpress printing to be found on YouTube.

There are various digital copies of some old vocational films from the Prelinger archive but you have to weed your way through some unrelated stuff that shows up on the keywords searches.

There are also a number of older and contemporary popular movies and TV series that feature letterpress printing either as a modern craft or in period settings.

The list is too long to replicate here but a thread on Briar Press has listed more than one will get to see easily, below a few of the 21st century ones one might get to see.

  • Seven Pounds a redemption movie starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson with Will repairing Rosario’s Heidelberg Windmill press ‘The Beast”.
  • Inception a science fiction movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, the preparations take place in an old printing plant.
  • Catch me if you can Leonardo DiCaprio who prints forged cheques on a ill-matched cylinder press.
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • Wizard of Gore
  • Miss Potter

TypeCulture has their own list of movies that can be downloaded or purchased.

International suppliers

Ink Rollers

  • Tarheel Roller & Breyer Company – composition and soft rubber rollers
  • Caslon – Adana ink rollers, consumables¬† and some spares
  • eBay – Occasional new ink rollers and trucks/runners for popular desktop presses from a couple of vendors
  • Nik Semenof – Sells an interesting 3-Part Roller for hand inking of lithographs
  • RAMCO Roller Products – Sensitive to Letterpress users
  • Advanced Roller Company – Heidel berg rollers from stock and recovering of other press rollers

Type Founders

  • M&H
  • Dale Guild
  • Offizin Paranassia with a large selection of matrixes is still casting in Europe

For a list of digital type designers and everything related to type see the page by Luc Devroye.

Paper sources

  • Mohawk
  • French
  • Arches
  • Crane
  • Rives
  • Magnani
  • Hahnemuhle
  • Wausau
  • Somerset
  • Canson
  • Strathmore

Some paper mills have closed down not so long ago

  • Scotia