Books on Letterpress

This is a list of interesting books relating predominantly to letterpress printing.

Some will have reviews (click on the title) and some will have links to Amazon, Kalahari or other online bookstores when they are available (click on the edition).  It is difficult to locate these books on short notice in used book stores so either one needs time and patience when visiting the stores or one can try to locate them via online bookstores.

Letterpress books

  • Printing for Pleasure by John Ryder (Phoenix House Hardcover 1955, The English Unversities Press Ltd. 1957 and Bodley Head Hardcover 1977)
  • General printing by Glen U.  Cleeton and Charles W.  Pitkin (Bloomington, Illinois: McKnight & MvKnight, Hardcover 1953, Republished by Liber Apertus Press, Paperback 2006)
  • Printing: a craft for schools by H. E. V.  Gillham (London: Pitman, 1933)
  • Printing as a hobby by J.  Ben Lieberman (London: Oak Tree Press, 1963)
  • The Art and Practice of Printing two volumes (New Era)
  • Type and Typesetting (London:Adana, 1975)
  • Printing by Harold Curwen (Penguin Books, 1948, 1955)
  • Letterpress: New Applications for Traditional Skills, David Jury, Paperback 2006
  • The Letter-Press Printer: A Complete Guide To The Art Of Printing, Joseph Gould, Swinburne Press, Paperback 2008, Paperback 2010
  • Letterpress, the allure of the handmade David Jury, Hardcover 2004
  • Elementary Platen Presswork, Ralph W Polk, Letterary Pres, Paperback 2007
  • The handy book of artistic printing, Doug Clouse, Princeton Architectural Press, Paperback 2009
  • Printing on the Iron Handpress Richard-Gabriel Rummonds, Oak Knoll Press and The British Library, 1998
  • Nineteenth-Century Printing Practices and the Iron Handpress Richard-Gabriel Rummonds, Oak Knoll Press and The British Library
  • Little Book of LetterpressCharlotte Rivers, Chronicle Books, Hardcover 2010

Books about the early history of printing in South Africa

  • Early Cape Printing 1796-1802, South African Library Reprint Series, No. 1, South African Library, Cape Town, (1971)
  • SH Steinberg, Five Hundred Years of Printing, Pengiun Books, Middlesex, (1955) 2nd ed. 1961
  • South Africa in Print, Book Exhibition Committee van Riebeeck Festival, Cape Town, (1952)
  • John Barrow, An Account of Travels Into the Interior of Southern Africa, T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies, London (1801)
  • Lewin Robinson, A.M. (1979). From Monolith to Microfilm: a story of the recorded word. Cape Town: South African Library. pp. 50. ISBN 086968020X

Other books related to printing

A listing of books on book binding, engravings, block printing, lithography and anything that seems to relate to relief printing or printing with presses.

Sources of digital books

Project Gutenberg – has lots of books and some of them have printing in the title and as mostly the project has books out of copyright they are old enough to be about letterpress printing

The Internet Archive – has links to various digital book collections that contain lots of books about printing

Local book sources

Hospice bookshop – second hand books, Orange Grove and elsewhere

Books Galore – Second hand books

Exclusive Books – New books

Collectors Treasury – Rare Books, Johannesburg

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